You deserve answers

The conventional approach to chronic and autoimmune disease isn't enough for everyone. If you're feeling frustrated with the care you've received, are looking for answers, and want to start actually healing, the Monroe Center for Integrative Health may be able to help you.

The healthcare system is broken

When you have a chronic or autoimmune disease, navigating the healthcare system shouldn't feel like you're inside of a pinball machine. You shouldn't feel dismissed, discouraged, and disgusted by those taking care of you. You shouldn't have to figure things out on your own or be given a pamphlet and told "good luck!" on your way out the door.

WHAT WE believe

A new type of chronic and autoimmune disease care

You don't heal during an 18-minute doctor's appointment. But you can heal when your body has the conditions, support, care, and environment it needs to thrive. We use functional nutrition, integrative health, and natural wellness approaches to enable your body with its natural ability to heal, grow, and recover.

You're important

You're not just a patient identification number; you're a human being that deserves respect and care. Our approach to care is compassionate, inclusive, trauma-informed.

You're unique

Your health is uniquely shaped by your life experiences, events, and exposures. That's why we don't believe in one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter strategies.

You're intuitive

No one will ever understand your body as well as you do. As one of our patients, your insight and consent matter. We'll always listen to you and believe your story.

1 in 5

The number of Americans who have an autoimmune disease.


The percentage of those with an autoimmune disease that are women.


The number of years it takes, on average, to receive an autoimmune disease diagnosis.


The number of deaths in America that can be attributed to lifestyle and nutrition factors.

It's time for this to change


Tim is the founder and clinician at the Monroe Center for Integrative Health. He is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Educator, and Certified Community Nutrition Specialist. He has an M.S. in human nutrition and functional medicine from the University of Western States and is completing a doctoral degree in health sciences. He has a certificate in nutritional psychology from the Center for Nutritional Psychology and a post-master's certificate in trauma-informed clinical practices from New York University. He holds a voluntary board certification as a Functional Nutrition Practitioner (BCFNP) and is a member of the American Nutrition Association (ANA) and Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

Tim is also a clinical educator, health equity activist, and researcher focused on the biology and nutritional implications of traumatic stress. Prior to opening the Monroe Center for Integrative Health, he worked with several of the largest international health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness professional education and certification providers.

Tim's motivation for opening the Monroe Center for Integrative Health is simple: to ensure that no one else experiences what he and his loved ones did while navigating the American healthcare system.

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